Our LockedIn® technology is a soil stabilisation technique that we have been developing and refining since 2015. This remediation technology is based on the physio-chemical reaction between chemicals and soils to reduce the mobility of any contaminants present. Essentially, we are using chemical compounds to change the physical make-up of the soil, locking the contaminants in and permanently preventing them from being a pollution risk.

The LockedIn® process allows you to re-use contaminated soils on site after treatment and validation. Re-using soils means there are no costs for contaminated material to be disposed of or for importing clean material. We can carry out this process on-site, either in-situ or ex-situ.

Using this process, our clients have seen savings entering the millions of £s/€s.

Key Advantages

LockedIn® allows us to treat the material on-site in a purpose-built treatment area and presents the following advantages:

  • Cost savings compared to other methods available
  • No transportation costs associated with off-site disposal
  • The waste is now a resource and can be used on-site
  • The process can often incorporate geotechnical improvements as part of the process
  • The process is quick, and material can is available for re-use after validation, which can be as quick as 14 days
  • Can stabilise a wide range of contaminants or a mix of contaminants
  • Can be done either in-situ or ex-situ mixing methods dependent on the site requirements

Treatment Capability