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Increasing awareness and inspiring others is a big part of what we do. We created ATG Academy to provide training to businesses, aimed at preparing others to deal with environmental challenges.

Our training sessions are accredited by the CPD Standards Office™, which mean they have been checked for accuracy and content, and account for qualifying hours required by the RIBA for architects and the RICS for the construction industry.

All 4 of our courses are CPD accredited and our Japanese Knotweed, Asbestos in Soils and Remediation courses are free for businesses to undertake, provided at a location of your choice. Each of these three courses takes 60 mins to complete, and delegates will receive a certificate on completion.

Our Environmental Awareness Training takes between 2 and 3 hours to complete and demonstrates how to effectively deal with an oil/chemical spill on your premises. Part of this course is class-based, but it also contains a hands-on exercise, allowing you to practice what you’ve learned.

If you’d like more information or to book, please call or email us.

Our CPD Courses

Identifying Invasive Plant Species - Japanese Knotweed

This 1-hour seminar gives an overview of Japanese Knotweed (JKW) and provides the following understanding:

  • Provide an introduction to JKW
  • Enable delegates to identify JKW
  • Be aware of the legislation surrounding the invasive plant
  • Understand the need to control it
  • Be informed of the different ways of treating and disposing of the plant

Location is at your request, and we’ll even cover lunch!

Cost: FREE

Remediation of Contaminated Land

Contaminated land is becoming more and more prevalent due to previous site operations leaving behind unwanted pollutants. This 1-hour seminar has the following learning objectives:

  • To understand the meaning of contaminated land
  • To know the regulations surrounding contaminated land
  • To use a Conceptual Site Model
  • Understanding the management approach
  • Learning remediation options
  • Understand the factors influencing remediation costs

We can deliver this seminar at a location of your choice.

Cost: FREE


Environmental Awareness Training

This 3-hour course focuses on spill response and how to effectively contain a spill while providing valuable insight into the devastating effects pollutants can have on our rivers and land.

Learning objectives of this course are:

  • To know what to do if an oil or chemical spill were to occur
  • To be able to identify different types of spill kits and understand when to use each product
  • To understand the environmental impacts of an oil or chemical spill on land or water
  • To know the different types of remediation available
  • To be able to complete a mock emergency incident successfully

Cost: £750 (up to 15 delegates)

Identifying Asbestos in Soils

The UK banned asbestos over 20 years ago, but it is still found within many existing structures and within the soils on brownfield sites which have previously had demolitions.

This 1-hour seminar will give an overview of asbestos and provide the following understanding:

  • Provide an introduction to asbestos
  • Enable delegates to identify asbestos
  • Be aware of the legislation surrounding the material
  • Understand the need to control it
  • Be informed of the different ways of removing asbestos

Cost: FREE

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