What is Premium Purity™?

Premium Purity™ purifies the air and renders treated surfaces self-disinfecting in a chemical-free, sustainable, and healthful way. The solution combines two synergetic products with comprehensive service to provide clients with a low-microbial indoor environment and high air quality.

Why should I choose Premium Purity™?

Premium Purity™ helps clean the air and significantly reduces the presence of microbes (such as bacteria and viruses), VOCs (including NOx), and airborne mould spores.

Premium Purity™ helps reduce the use of toxic chemicals, water, and plastic.


How does it work?

Premium Purity™ combines the efficacy of ACT CleanCoat™ and the ACT ECA System™ with consultation and scientific monitoring.

ACT CleanCoat™ uses advanced technology to decompose harmful microbes (such as bacteria, viruses, airborne mould spores) and chemical compounds (such as VOCs). The coating is transparent and odourless and can be applied to all types of surfaces. When exposed to light, a photocatalytic reaction decomposes microbes and purifies the air.

Treating an area with ACT CleanCoat™ enables daily cleaning with the ACT ECA System™.

The ACT ECA System™ transforms water and salt into a liquid detergent – ACT ECA Water – by destabilizing and elevating the electrical charge of the water. ACT ECA Water is produced at the client’s facility by an ACT ECA Generator and can replace all conventional cleaning detergents. The leftover will decompose, and only water and salt remain.

Consulting and Monitoring ensure that the hygiene levels at our clients’ facilities meet the established targets.


Where is it most beneficial?

Premium Purity™ is especially beneficial in industries where low-microbial environments and supreme air quality are of key importance, such as in health care, hospitality, food processing, and beverage production.

In these industries, we can also help reduce the use of toxic chemicals, water, and plastic.