Having an oil spill or leak at your home or business can cause significant worries and disruption. If left untreated, the oil may cause severe damage to your health, property, other properties and the environment.

Oil or chemical spills, whether they are diesel, kerosene or another fuel or chemical, present a host of issues to infrastructure, health and the environment. Controlling the spill as quickly as possible is vital to ensuring that waterways and property are not polluted.

Spills on concrete or tarmac surfaces can appear harmless at first. When absorption occurs, oils and chemicals can break down the bonds that keep these materials stable. After a while, cracks can begin to form, and weaknesses are introduced, which will be permanent and lead to further degradation.

If the oil or chemical escapes into a surface water drain or makes its way into a river, it can have dangerous consequences. Not only does this carry fines from the Environment Agency, but can also damage water supplies and endanger aquatic animals.

Spills that occur on earth leech down into soils and can be carried by groundwater. It’s vital to stop and contain any spill before it causes significant damage.

We act quickly with a 24–hour emergency helpline, and staff experienced in all the most modern and effective remediation techniques. As specialists, we can offer the full journey, from the initial response and testing to on-site cleanup and reinstatement.