As far as invasive plant species go, this is one of the most recognisable. It is illegal to cause or allow the plant to spread, and it is a notifiable waste. The presence of Japanese Knotweed on or near a property can make it challenging to secure a mortgage.

Native to Japan where it has predators which control its growth, it can grow through cement and clay and cause cracks in housing foundations and walls. This makes its ability to spread and grow almost unstoppable.

Featuring heart-shaped, green leaves in the spring/summer period and brown bamboo-like stems in autumn/winter, it has become the bane of property developers and homeowners across the UK & Ireland.

Standard practices to remove the plant include the “dig and dump” approach, but this is costly as any soils within 3m of the plant also require removal. “Dig and bury” is another option, locking it in and preventing re-growth with a root barrier membrane.

Stem injection is a popular, low-cost treatment method and is highly effective. The downside is that it can take three or more years to complete as it requires treatment applications over multiple growing seasons.

Our innovative Eraginate® treatment process is the most cost-effective way to eliminate Japanese Knotweed quickly.

We can perform a free site survey of the infestation in the UK and Ireland and provide all available treatment options to you.

Check out the 15-day time-lapse video below which shows just how fast it can grow!