We offer absorbents for a variety of substances, from general liquids to oil and chemical compounds. Our high-quality products will help you meet environmental compliance and ISO 14001 accreditation.

Our oil absorbents are highly effective as they are hydrophobic and repel water. This ensures that they absorb all of the oil and will also float on water, soaking up oil from the surface.

They can be used inside or outside, wherever oil needs to be absorbed without picking up water. You can use them on bunds, lakes, rivers, harbours and the sea as they will not sink.

Chemical absorbents are available, which are specially designed to handle corrosive chemicals and hazardous liquids. Aggressive chemicals can damage normal absorbents while these are bonded for enhanced tensile strength.

Various shapes of absorbents are available, including rolls, pads, cushions, socks, pom poms and booms. Depending on the type, they’re colour coded for ease of use, these are blue for oil, yellow for chemical and grey for general liquids.

We can supply Darcy Spill Care products throughout Northern Ireland, check out their website for the full range.