A farmer working late at night lost control of his tractor while travelling down a country lane. The tractor trailer, loaded with silage, overturned and landed in a domestic property. During the overturn, the trailer clipped and punctured a 1200L oil tank at its base which had recently been filled. 1200L of kerosene poured out of the tank and into the garden and roadway of the property causing a significant spill incident.

The Challenge

The homeowner at this property had a business which required them to be able to work from home, so a solution was required that enabled them to continue working in the background while we performed emergency works and restored the property.

The Solution

We were on site within 2 hours of being notified and immediately began emergency containment works. These works involved excavating trenches across the direction of flow to prevent any further spread and the use of oil absorbents in contamination hotspots. Once containment works were complete, site investigations were undertaken to find out the full extent of the contamination on site. Investigations found 150m2 of property had been affected.

The treatment plan used involved:

  • Deconstruction, excavation and disposal of the most highly affected materials
  • Installation of a pump and treat system to force any remaining contamination into a recovery well for collection and removal
  • The use of biological cultures and nutrient injections to break down any leftover contamination bound to the soil
  • Full reinstatement of the property to it’s original specification