A Northern Ireland based public transportation company required a relocation of their cable store responsible for signalling and telecommunication for trains in the area. The new site chosen for this store contained some large stances of Japanese Knotweed (JKW) which caused delays in starting the project. We were engaged to provide an option to eradicate the JKW which was both cost and time effective.

The Challenge

As construction was due to begin, common methods of eradication were not ideal as they presented time constraints. A dig and dump of the knotweed is a quick process but carried increasing costs due to landfill charges.

We could have also performed a stem injection method and although effective, requires continued treatment which can take a minimum of 2 years.

The Solution

In this instance, our client opted for our Eraginate® process to deal with the infestation. This involved scraping all of the above-ground vegetation and removing it from the site, we then screened and hand-picked the roots for disposal at a suitably licenced facility. Our specially designed process was then used to filter the material, removing any knotweed and allowing the soil to be re-used on site.

All JKW was removed from the site and re-use of the soil was available for backfill or another purpose. This process was completed in 2.5 weeks, ensuring that project deadlines were not affected.