Through partnership with environmental engineering company VentEko in Latvia, ATG Group were able to provide an innovative groundwater remediation solution. This saved 52,000 tonnes of soil being moved to landfill in order to construct a new flagship Lidl store in Latvia.

The Challenge

28,900 cubic metres of soil was contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons, which would have been very difficult and expensive to dispose of in Latvia due to a lack of contaminated waste landfill sites. A solution was needed that would result in the soil being able to be treated on site to enable construction without high transportation costs. The groundwater contamination had a high risk of reaching the Sarkandaugava Channel which needed to be reduced as much as possible during the process.

The Solution

Our answer was to install two permeable filtering walls 8.5 metres deep and each of these walls will stop dissolved metals migrating and allow soil to be treated on site. One wall is 128 metres long, whilst the second is 52 metres long. These walls will catch heavy metals and hydrocarbons, allowing the use of ATG Group’s LockedIn® process which will neutralise the soil using reagents that stop the migration of pollution to the channel.