We undertook a joint venture with ABCO Marine to deliver DAFM’s multimillion-euro upgrade to Killybegs Harbour. The project involved extending the quay at Smooth Point by 120m to create further docking for 8-10 large fishing vessels. The quay would also be large enough to accommodate cruise ships, bringing a boost to the local tourism industry.

The Challenge

This project involved the dredging of the silts around the quay to increase the harbour’s depth. Due to the long history of Killybegs as a commercial fishing port, a significant amount of contamination had accumulated in these silts over many years.

The Solution

We provided a bespoke and environmentally sustainable approach to deal with the dredged material.

Using our on-site treatment facility, we treated the dredged material using our innovative LockedIn® technology. This locks the contamination into the material so that it doesn’t pollute any further. After certifying the treatments were successful, the stabilised material was used for capping at a local quarry. This meant no material was sent to landfill.

Our joint venture was able to successfully:

  • Increase the depth of the harbour
  • Treat the contaminated dredge and divert it from landfill
  • Construct 120m of new quay