We were contacted by the Martin Property Group to provide recommendations for Japanese Knotweed treatment on one of their development sites. Construction couldn’t begin until the Japanese Knotweed was removed, so a time critical solution was required.

The Challenge

The site is located on a steep slope and on multiple levels making it a challenge to work on. The majority of the Japanese Knotweed had spread along the perimeter of the site. Some of the Japanese Knotweed was growing close to the foundations of a neighbouring building meaning excavation was not possible.

The Solution

Our answer was to use our Eraginate® treatment process, this allowed us to rapidly remove the infestation.

We scraped all of the above-ground vegetation and removed it from the site, we then screened and hand-picked the roots for disposal at a suitably licenced facility. Afterwards, we placed a root barrier membrane over the soil which will prevent any re-growth in the future. Finally, we brought in clean soils to place over the membrane and released the site back, ready for redevelopment.