Glasgow City Council’s White Cart Water Flood Prevention Scheme had reached it’s third and final phase. This included the creation of embankments to allow for the additional floodplain. This would allow greater drainage capacity within the Camlachie Burn catchment to reduce the risk of flooding and to make the regeneration of vacant and derelict sites in the area possible.

The Challenge

The soil was excavated prior to ATG Group’s presence to create a new 185m channel to support Glasgow City Council’s project. Approximately 9,000 tonnes of contaminated soil remained, which contained hazards such as heavy metals, asbestos and oil. To transport this to landfill would have meant high costs in disposal along with multiple 60-mile return journeys to Avondale Landfill.

As Environmental Consultants, we needed to create a solution that saved both cost and number of journeys.

The Solution

We implemented our LockedIn® process to treat the contaminated material on site and make it available for re-use, rather than disposal.

We built a specially designed on-site facility, which was able to treat the excavated material and make it inert. Not only did this ensure that the material could be used for another purpose by our client, but it also ensured that the contamination did not leech into the surrounding environment.