We are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with a company producing a patented system that destroys viruses, including Covid-19.

Our trained team can now apply Premium Purity™ across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, after agreeing an exclusive deal with ACT Global.

Premium Purity™ purifies the air and renders to treated surfaces to provide chemical-free disinfection that destroys microbes, including viruses, bacteria and airborne mould spores.

The ground-breaking three-part system is applied to hard surfaces.  The self-disinfecting treatment is guaranteed to prevent viruses, such as coronavirus, and bacteria from growing for 12 months.

Our fully trained team applies a base coat to surfaces that reacts with artificial and natural light to destroy microbes. It also purifies the air of volatile organic compounds that affect those with breathing difficulties.

The system is sustainable and doesn’t use any chemical detergents, such as bleach, which means it is also good news for the environment.

Building confidence

After agreeing an exclusive distribution deal, we have been at work across a hotel chain treating interiors, including walls and doors.

ATG Group Managing Director Dr Mark McKinney explains that Premium Purity™ will help businesses build confidence with their customers and staff.

Dr McKinney says, “Premium Purity™ is a ground-breaking system. It reduces a wide range of viruses, including coronavirus, and bacteria by more than 99% in 5 minutes of application.

“As it reacts to light, it continues to destroy microbes and purifies the air of other gases for up to 12 months. We carry out regular monitoring of a client’s site or sites to monitor its continual effectiveness. We believe it will revolutionise cleaning regimes for businesses.

“The system doesn’t replace daily cleaning! But it means hard surfaces not cleaned daily — such as walls — are treated.”

Clients who use Premium Purity™ receive a certificate to raise awareness of its use to both clients and employees, which he says increases confidence.

Danish company ACT Global has also already applied the system to sites across the world. This includes cruise ships and Bundesliga football team Borussia Mönchengladbach’s ground and team coach.

The system is being used in healthcare, hospitality, travel and food processing sites around the globe. It has also been tested by labs in Germany, USA, Denmark and Taiwan.

How it works

  • Premium Purity™ is a three-part system that combines ACT Global’s CleanCoat™ and ECA System™ with scientific monitoring.
    ACT CleanCoat™ is a translucent, odourless nano titanium dioxide base coat. It reacts with artificial and natural light to destroy microbes and purify the air. It is evaluated as effective against Coronavirus.
  • The ACT ECA System™ transforms water and salt into a liquid detergent – ACT ECA Water. This replaces conventional cleaning products, such as bleach, and keeps the ACT CleanCoat™ working at optimal efficiency.
  • Consulting and monitoring ensures clients that the hygiene levels at their facilities meet the pre-established targets. We will conduct regular testing on your premises to prove and ensure ongoing effectiveness.

The benefits

Dr McKinney says that as well as protecting customers and staff from bacteria and viruses, the Premium Purity™ system has other benefits.

“Using Premium Purity™ reduces business interruption and saves money on deep cleaning cycles,” he explains. “There is also a reduction of odours and moulds in the treated buildings and the air quality also improves thanks to the self-disinfection coating.”

Dr McKinney adds that due to using less aggressive cleaning chemicals, fabrics and furniture will not deteriorate as quickly. The ECA Water also reduces the amount of empty plastic cleaning bottles requiring disposal.

If you would like to know more about how we can help your organisation, contact us today.