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Giant Hogweed: How to spot the ‘UK’s most dangerous plant’ in your garden.

Despite its attractive appearance, giant hogweed is an invasive and dangerous plant species, which is harmful to both humans and the natural habitat.

Giant Hogweed is commonly found in British gardens and along riverbanks and can reach up to 20 feet high. It is dangerous to humans as it causes major irritation to the skin due to the toxins in the sap. It can be easily mistaken for cow parsley, …

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How do I know if my house has subsidence?

Research from insurance company LV= in 2021 shows that more than half of homeowners do not know what subsidence is.

The study also shows that they do not know how to spot it.

Other findings included:

•   One in five homeowners have noticed signs of potential subsidence but 26% didn’t take any action

•   Over half (53%) didn’t know if subsidence is included in their current buildings insurance policy.

As …

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