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Aerial photo showing the site condition at the start of the project and the River Enler running adjacent

Developing contaminated land by waterways

Waterways are extremely important for the environment – but developing contaminated land by waterways can compromise their role.

Waterways across the world have long been a source of employment, particularly in heavy industries, such as shipbuilding or warehousing.

Over the years, canals and rivers including the Thames, the Lagan and the Mersey have been transformed. As heavy industry has moved out, housing and leisure projects have moved in.

But waterways’ …

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What is dredging?

Dredging is a topic that has been the centre of much debate over the years. Due to EU rules about how to deal with the material recovered, some authorities have slowed the process down. But river or harbour dredging is, in many cases, absolutely necessary.

It is often a challenge when dredged material is hazardous. In such cases, using our innovative LockedIn® process ensures contaminated material is treated. This results …

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