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Fresh construction site from above with various types of plant

What are brownfield sites?

This summer, Prime Minister Boris Johnston announced building on brownfield sites will longer be subject to ‘normal’ planning rules. The government hopes house building increases across Northern Ireland and the UK without planning consent slowing it down.

According to the Campaign to Protect Rural England, there is enough brownfield land to deliver 1 million new homes! With local authorities identifying more than 66,000 hectares of such sites, it is no …

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ATG Group Management Team

Looking to the future

Like every business across much of Europe, ATG Group has faced a challenging time over the past six months. Lockdowns meant that many of our projects were put on hold.

Our offices across Northern Ireland, Ireland, Scotland and England, were closed as we adhered to new rules.

We had no alternative but to furlough 85% of our staff for six weeks. This was to help our clients get to grips …

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