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Suspected contamination when buying land or property

You may think land contamination only affects developers more than individuals. But you need to be aware of the risk if buying a house or commercial premises.

While you are searching for a home or business property, you should speak to a solicitor to investigate if you suspect there is contamination of the land.

There are ways you can find out for yourself about what might lie beneath before instructing …

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Contaminated land

Dealing with contaminated land

When preparing a site for construction, you must make preparations when discovering contaminated land. Such findings can potentially severely delay or even ruin a project.

After finding contamination, thorough research and lots of work needs undertaking before laying any foundations.

Contaminated land contains substances in or under the land that are hazardous or potentially hazardous to health or the environment.

There is often a legacy of contaminates on sites used …

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