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Holding soil

What you need to know about soil

It is under your feet and you probably don’t think much about soil unless you’re digging your garden. But there’s more to it than just something to grow your vegetables or bedding plants in.

Soil has a fundamentally important part to play in our lives. So, looking after it is essential, especially if it has become contaminated.

But what are the benefits and why do we need healthy soil? And …

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Lorry taking soil to landfill that could be treated

Contaminated soil doesn’t have to be sent to landfill

Soil is considered the support system of all life. And yet huge amounts of it is still sent to landfill as excavated spoil from construction sites.

While dumping contaminated soil was seen as the only option in the past, new technology makes it less desirable today.

As well as costing developers in landfill fees, there are costs to the environment. Pollution from lorries taking the spoil to landfill and transporting …

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