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Firefighting foam is one of the PFAS found in the environment

What you need to know about PFAS and the environment

Concerns about a group chemicals called PFAS that leave a lasting legacy are continuing around the world. You find perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in a number of everyday items. These include water repellants, food packaging, fire retardants and non-stick cookware.

While originally considered useful, there is growing evidence that thet pose a risk to health. You can often find them on brownfield sites and in groundwater. Some are banned …

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Holding soil

What you need to know about soil

It is under your feet and you probably don’t think much about soil unless you’re digging your garden. But there’s more to it than just something to grow your vegetables or bedding plants in.

Soil has a fundamentally important part to play in our lives. So, looking after it is essential, especially if it has become contaminated.

But what are the benefits and why do we need healthy soil? And …

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