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ATG delivering CPD training

ATG Group becomes a registered CPD training provider for the CITB and RICS

We offer CPD (Continuous Personal Development) training on areas which are relevant to our industry, we call this ATG Academy. These seminars include the following topics:

  • Identifying Invasive Plant Species – Japanese Knotweed
  • Identifying Asbestos in Soils
  • Remediation of Contaminated Land
  • Environmental Awareness Training

We commonly provide these to architects, construction workers, planners and more. We have now become a registered training provider for the CITBNI and the RICS.…

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A Spill Response Training Scenario at a Siemens Wind Farm in Ireland

ATG Group provide Emergency Spill Response Training for Siemens

ATG Group has been delivering Emergency Spill Response Training at wind farms throughout Ireland to prepare Siemens and their staff to contain and mitigate any potential environmental damage that may be caused due to a fuel or chemical spill at their sites.

Our Environmental Awareness Training aims to provide companies with the ability to handle any type of spill situation and minimise the impact of such an event. Selected personnel …

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