CPD Accredited Training

ATG Group are specialists in many forms of environmental remediation, these range from land and groundwater contamination to invasive plant species such as Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam. With the wealth of experience we have in the remediation and treatment of these various contaminants, we are able to offer accredited CPD training courses to allow other stakeholders in these industries to benefit from our knowledge and skills when confronted with these issues.

ATG Group's CPD Accreditation - provider number 21641 - the CPD standards office

Here’s what some of our past clients have to say about the training:


‘I attended a CPD presented by ATG Group on Identifying Invasive Plant Species. The presenter’s knowledge of the subject (Japanese Knotweed) was excellent and I left feeling well informed. If I ever come across it on site I will know how to identify it and who to call to get rid of it!!’

Paul– 2020 Architects

‘The [environmental awareness] training we received on the spill kit we purchased was excellent. All of our staff commented positively about the training session’

Pauline – NEELB

The current CPD courses that we offer include:

Identifying Invasive Plant Species: Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed spring plant stage Japanese Knotweed summer flowers

Japanese Knotweed is a highly invasive plant that can cause damage to hard structures, reduce land values, seriously delay development projects and has even resulted in the refusal of mortgages.


We are currently offering this as a free accredited 1-hour CPD to Estate Agents, Architects, Surveyors or any other industry that comes across Japanese Knotweed throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and Scotland. This course is aimed at educating your industry on how to identify Japanese Knotweed and what to do if it is found on site.

  • This course equates to 1 hour of CPD
  • CPD certificate of attendance provided
  • Time and location of course is at the clients request
  • Refreshments will be provided

If you have a development site that may be affected by contamination, then, as an additional service ATG Group can offer site investigations, options appraisals and remedial options.


For more information, or to book your free accredited CPD course, call 02870 343787 or email info@atg-group.co.uk


Environmental Awareness Training

Clients on our Environmental awareness course taking part in a practical mock oil spill scenario where they have to stop the leak and then clean up the spilled fuel using the equipment and resources they have learned about throughout the course

While ATG Group cannot prevent spills occurring, we can provide high-quality training to prepare businesses and organisations to handle the situation and minimise impact. Selected personnel can be trained in the correct deployment of safety and containment equipment. This ensures a company that should a spillage occur it can be handled “in-house” but also have the added security of calling upon ATG Group should the need arise. Training courses are presented by instructors who have hands-on experience and can be provided at the client’s premises.


The main purpose of such a seminar is to encourage staff to develop their own methods of dealing with a variety of spill situations and to highlight the importance of containing a spill within the site.

Package Content

The seminar includes an introduction to the potential risks, methods of dealing with such risk, including the use of safety and containment equipment, demonstrations in the use of the equipment and recommendations for a contingency plan.

A typical seminar includes the following:

  • 2-hour lecture outlining various aspects of Environmental Awareness including Health and Safety
  • Video of absorbents and bio-products in use
  • A section outlining pollution incidents and legislation
  • Practical demonstrations with products
  • Hands-on training with materials and equipment
  • 10-15 minute test with a Certificate in Environmental Awareness being awarded to candidates who reach an acceptable level

What We Ask Of You

In order to undertake the seminar we require from you the following:

  • A television or projector
  • 205-litre steel drum containing water

For More Information

For more information, or to book this course, call 02870 343787 or email info@atg-group.co.uk

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