Bund water control unit – Dewatering sytem



Fewer visits by your waste management company will be required because only the oil (and no water) will need to be removed resulting in significantly reduced waste management costs.

The unit will provide a safe and dry working environment for your site maintenance staff and is a positive action for protecting the environment which will contribute to receiving and maintaining ISO 14001 accreditation (showing best environmental practice).

At all times failsafe features will warn you of any risk of a potential pollution incident.

  • Maintains bund at 110%
  • Reduces waste management costs
  • Provides a safe and dry working environment
  • Proven technology
  • Durable design for long life
  • Can be modified to operate in zone 0 conditions


The probe sensors detect the difference between oil and water and safely pumps the water* only out of the bund into the surface water drainage system. At all times failsafe features will warn you of any risk of a potential pollution incident.

The control box turns the water pump on and off at the appropriate levels. LED signals warn of high water and excess oil levels in the sump and power failure. They can also be linked to alarms via a sites telemetry system.

The standard system is supplied complete with a control unit and a combined pump/probe assembly with integral steel mounting stand. The control unit is capable of monitoring the probe unit to automatically empty the bund of water when the water level rises to the probe level, leaving any pollutant behind.

The status is displayed via a liquid crystal display which can be customised to display your messages.

The bund control unit is optionally available with a GSM board fitted to allow remote notification via mobile phone text messaging.


  • Submersible pump with stand and conductivity water detection probe unit
    (supplied assembled as shown)
  • High liquid level float switch probe (delay time configurable)
  • Beacon output
  • Failsafe probe to prevent pollutant being pumped if stop probe fails
  • Display of number of pump operations for servicing purposes (retained even if power fails)
  • Five volt-free contact relay outputs for signalling of status to external equipment, eg a BMS
  • Two start probes for operation two duty assist pumps


  • Status sent via text message when pump operates or on alarm
  • Supports 4 digit area code numbers, such as 0800, in addition to 5 digit area
  • Supports up to 8 phone numbers for notification when an alarm condition
  • Firmware and settings can be remotely upgraded


  • GRP enclosure 430 x 330 x 200mm IP66
  • Power: 115/230V ±10% 50Hz (voltage is specified at time of ordering)
  • Display: 16×2 character LCD
  • Alarm: Beacon or Text Message (with optional GSM Board)
  • Alarm output: 100mA fused mains output. NO and NC contacts available.
    Relay normally energised
  • Pump/probe unit cable length: 5 metres
  • High liquid level probe delay time configurable from 0 to 60 minutes