Killybegs Project Update


ATG Group is working in partnership with ABCO Marine to treat and dispose of contaminated dredge material found at Smooth Point at Killybegs Harbour.

ATG have substantial experience in dealing with environmental dredge and have collaborated with ABCO in this project to bring a wealth of experience to provide a design that is a safe environmentally sustainable solution.

ATG have developed their approach which involves the use of E-Clay® stabilisation to combine both a physical and chemical method.

A purpose built treatment facility has been constructed by ATG for the works with appropriate permits applied and achieved for the treatment and stabilisation of dredged material.

So far ATG is processing and treating 4500 T of material per week and has stabilised 16200 T in total since the project began. With work progressing at this rate, it is estimated that the project will be completed by the end of May.