Japanese Knotweed Treatment & Disposal

Rapid Decontamination of Japanese Knotweed Impacted Soils – Industrial Site

The Challenge

During the redevelopment of the former industrial site, Japanese Knotweed from the adjoining site had been inadvertently spread onto the Client’s site.

  • The Client had previously engaged the services of a landscape gardener to spray the knotweed with a low grade herbicide, with little success.
  • The knotweed was located within the critical path of the development programme – therefore a rapid solution was required.
  • The estimate of costs to excavate and dispose off site were in excess of £120,000.
  • Furthermore, the Japanese Knotweed located on the neighbouring site boundary would continue to re-infest the Client’s site and therefore an in-situ eradication programme was required for those stands.

The Solution

  • A detailed survey of the site was carried out and liaised with the Client over their programme expectations.
  • ATG Group’s Eraginate technology was utilised on the areas of the site which were critical to the development programme.
  • In-situ eradication technology was utilised to spray and remove the knotweed in the adjacent neighbour’s site and installed a root barrier on the site boundary to prevent any re-infestation.
  • Liaised with all the necessary regulators to gain approval for the methodology.

The Benefits

Benefit 1

Result 1

The Eraginate process was completed on approximately 1,000 tonnes of knotweed contaminated soils within a 4 week timescale. All the soils were reused on site.

Benefit 2

Result 2

The in-situ eradicate spray programme was completed within 1 growing season.

Benefit 3

Result 3

As our ongoing commitment to our Client, we continue to manage and treat any Japanese Knotweed growing on the neighbouring site.

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