Remediation of Contaminated Land & Groundwater

Domestic Oil Spill, Randalstown

The Challenge

ATG Group had been commissioned to undertake Emergency works and a Contamination Survey. This assessment is required after the discovery of contamination following several investigations due to losses of oil. The spill is believed to have been as a result of the failure of the underground oil feed line from the oil tank to the external oil Burner.

The principal objectives are to:

  • Assess the extent of contamination resulting from a spill of heating oil;
  • Determine the environmental risks associated with the site;
  • Provide a remedial strategy to mitigate environmental risks; and
  • Provide budgetary costings for any proposed remedial works.

The Solution

Contamination was widespread and a duel approach was recommended, where possible the worst of the accessible contamination was removed from site to a licensed treatment/disposal facility.

The volume of materials generated was approximately 42 tonnes. A quantity of free phase product was contained within the fill material around the foundations of the kitchen, utility room and extending down the side of the house towards the oil tank. This material was removed by use of absorbents initially then via a pump and treat system to separate the product from the perched groundwater.

Due to the presence of free product we strongly recommended immediate action as the product could have easily spread to affect other rooms of the house and thus significantly increase the impact of the spill.

A quantity of free phase product was also gathered in the trenches excavated as containment which was removed by pumping and treating using oil filtration and groundwater treatment system.

Treatment of the sub soils was required beneath the foundation level in the kitchen and utility room as these were areas which cannot be removed due to foundations and structures being present and amount to a volume of approximately 36 tonnes.

The Benefits

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