Remediation of Contaminated Land & Groundwater

Groundwater Remediation for Bord Gais Headquarters, Cork

The Challenge

Contaminated perched groundwater was providing hindrance to site remediation and development works at Board Gais’s new corporate head quarters in Cork. Large flow rates were required to effectively de-water excavations on the 5 acre site. Mixed contamination typical of coal gas works were present including cyanide, heavy metals, phytotoxic metals, BTEX compounds and PAH’s. The development programme was in doubt.

The Solution

Contaminated groundwater pumped to 2 no 15,000 litre settlement tanks. Water passed through an automated multi stage treatment system, including an oil water separator, sand and carbon filters.
Treated water discharged to sewer under discharge consent, agreed with the EPA. Initial discharge rates of 100m3 per 24 hours, were increased to 500m3 per 24 hours once effective treatment was demonstrated to the EPA. The system ran 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for a period of 9 months.

The Benefits

Benefit 1


All limits set by the EPA under the discharge consent were met and ground water contamination cleaned up to EPA agreed limits.

Benefit 2

Daily records

Daily records of discharged volumes submitted to the client with 136,500 m3 treated.

Benefit 3

Programme set

Development works continued according to the initial programme set.

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