Environmental Awareness Training

Raheenleagh Wind Farm

The Challenge

Renewable energy is the future of power generation, and wind turbines are one of the leading technologies in this sector. Wind turbines require the use of coolants and lubricants to ensure efficient and safe operation. With this presence of oils and chemicals, the risk of a spill or pollution incident needs to be appropriately managed.

The Solution

Raheenleagh wind farm is being built by Siemens, who contacted ATG Group looking for a solution to ensure that if the worst was to happen they would be able to contain and prevent any type of pollution event on their site.

ATG Group conducted a full site survey at Raheenleagh and drew up a detailed report providing Siemens the steps that they needed to undertake to ensure the risk to the environment was mitigated. One of these steps involved keeping stock of spill care products on-site so that if there ever was an oil leak or spill then the team on site could begin to contain it themselves to prevent the pollution from spreading.

When supplying a company with spill care products we ensure that the staff are trained in what to do whenever a spill occurs. This training can save valuable time when responding to an incident that is unfolding, and can prevent the employer from being at risk of fines or legal action due to pollution of nearby water courses or neighbouring land.

The training showed employees and managers how to react to an incident quickly and efficiently and the steps to take when trying to maintain a spill. It also involved a practical mock spill scenario on site where the attendees could demonstrate the knowledge and skills they had learned from their training.

The Benefits

Benefit 1

Staff Trained to Respond

Having staff trained and ready to recognise, prevent and if needed to, respond to any potential pollution incident on site, can save a company from large fines and prosecutions.

Benefit 2

Spill Care Kits on Site

As the risk of a pollution incident on a large site like this can be high, we have provided spill care kits to be strategically positioned across the site. If the worst were to happen, staff would be able to contain minor spills and would be able to slow larger spills down, allowing valuable time for ATG Group to get on site and contain the spill.

Benefit 3

Environmental Reponsibility

As a company that is building for the energy needs of the future, it is important they be seen to be proactively ensuring the enviroment is maintained and preserved. By training staff and taking these positive steps to mitigate risk, Siemens is showing preparation, readiness and consideration to the local environment.

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