Remediation of Contaminated Land & Groundwater

ATG Group’s Bund Water Control Unit Provides Financial Savings and Peace of Mind to EMO Oil

The Challenge

EMO Oil Ltd are a large fuel distribution company based in Ireland who cover the whole of the Island of Ireland with their distribution services. EMO’s Technical Director was faced with the task of operating multiple sites from his desk in Portlaiose in central Ireland. A common challenge that EMO Oil encountered was the removal of the rainwater from the
bund areas surrounding the tank farms. Due to the high level of rainfall in Ireland, bund areas, which are obviously sealed to provide secondary containment for the stored product, would collect large volumes of rainwater and thus reduce the bunds ability to contain the stored product in the event of a spill. Removal of this rainwater proved to be costly especially as some sites are very remote requiring long distance travel for pump out companies. Also the cost of disposal was very expensive as it has to be classified as hazardous waste due to the contamination with fuel oils even though the majority of the liquid is simply rainwater.

The Solution

EMO’s Technical Director commissioned ATG to supply and install six of our Bund Water Control Units at six of the most
affected sites throughout Ireland. The bund water control units had to be intrinsically safe (ATEX approved) for use in hazardous zones and fully integrated into EMO’s existing operating system. Six units were installed at various sites throughout Ireland and now have the capability to constantly monitor the rainwater collected within the bund and automatically pump it to the on-site interceptor as the levels rise. The system also has inbuilt oil detection technology that will shut down the pumping operation and send an alarm signal to an authorised person should there be a tank failure or spill of stored product.

The Benefits

Benefit 1

Result 1

EMO Oil now have peace of mind that these remote depots are even safer as a result of installing this equipment.

Benefit 2

Result 2

No longer will EMO be faced with the prospect of pumping out and disposing of thousands of litres of rainwater at hazardous waste rates, not to mention the time and effort that was required to visit the site and monitor the bund levels under the old system.

Benefit 3


Legal compliance in terms of secondary containment volume can now be maintained as the bund areas are no longer allowed to fill with contaminated rainwater.

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