Remediation of Contaminated Land & Groundwater

ATG Group saves £750,000 for luxury apartment development

The Challenge

Potentially Toxic historic contamination at the Old Gas works site in Portrush threatened to stop the multimillion redevelopment of the site as luxury apartments. The site had historically been used for the production of Gas from coal for the town, and the area surrounding the plant had been contaminated with “blue billy” and Tar oils. The contaminated land assessment had determined that the contamination was at such a level that there was the potential for significant health risks to the public.

The Solution

The ATG solution involved the treatment and disposal of 10,000 tonnes of soils which required removal to allow the designed site re-development levels to be achieved thus removing the significant health risk to humans. Of the material to be removed over 1,600 tonnes of soils were contaminated with tar oils and cyanide (Blue Billy). On site testing classified the material as hazardous and it was transported to our partner company, Impetus Waste Management ICI NO 3 landfill. Teesside, Co. Durham for disposal. The remaining 8,400 tonnes was tested, treated and reclassified to allow the materials to be landfilled locally at a licensed facility. The site also had ground water problems. Some of the groundwater was so heavily contaminated that it had to be tankered off site for treatment at a specialised facility. The ground water on site which was lightly contaminated was treated via the mobile purpose built oil water separator and specialist oil removal media. Additionally a cut off wall was installed to ensure that contamination from adjacent sites could not migrate into the site.

The Benefits

Benefit 1

Result 1

Segregation and correct classification allowed for a saving of £750,000 on normal disposal costs for the client.

Benefit 2

Result 2

All soils treated and removed by ATG Group with NIEA and EHO approval.

Benefit 3

Result 3

Project carried out within approved cost budgets and on time allowing development to commence.

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